Sunday, April 18, 2010

2nd Grade- Canopic Jars

Not exactly sure- but it's cute!
Bunny Rabit

I decided to change up one of my favorite 2nd grade spring projects. I love making coil pots. Typically, we glaze them in bright colors, and the classroom teachers plant flowers in them to take home. But this year, in order to go along with a Concealing/Revealing theme, we did some Egyptian artwork culminating in Canopic Jars. Gross enough to please the boys! I had never taught how to make lids before, but the students caught on quickly, and loved making their animals to be the "handle" on the top. The students had to pick an animal that represented their personality, which was fun.


Mr. Ted Edinger said...

wonder where you got that amazingly wonderful idea?!?! :)

Mrs. Fritz said...

I know you did this one time around, but I learned to make the lids and such from the training where I learned to use the flower pots as a mold. Great Minds I guess.