Friday, September 17, 2010

It's A Mess....

Clay Ikebanas- we'll make flowers out of found objects while we wait for these to be fired.
My 3rd graders are making Chihuly "Floats" using balloons and paper mache', and my 4th graders are using clay to make "Ikebanas" a la Chihuly. WOW- are we having fun, and WOW what a mess. Seriously though, the kids have been so good about helping each other, and cleaning up afterwords, that the mess is not my concern. Today however, the janitors informed me they wanted to buff the floors, and I had to put all of the paper mache on tables for the weekend. I had them lined up in the hall to dry, but oh well, we bend so that we do not break. I cannot wait to see them all painted up, and hanging in the school. Note to self though- save the big projects, requiring storage for next year, when my new art room is built. In the meantime- do you think the classsroom teachers would notice if I just tucked a few in the back of their rooms? HAHAHA

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