Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The 1st graders and I have had a great time reviewing some art room basics, like patterns, cutting, paper sculpture techniques, and marker use.  And, it is all jammed into one really fun project...Dragons.  We drew and colored patterns all over a long strip of paper which we would then accordion fold and use for the body.  A green paper was cut into a tail, and a black marker used to create a line design on the tail.  The head was a project in itself, as it was a folded puppet head which we then embellished with paper sculpture techniques.  Eyes, mouth, hair, horns, teeth, etc.  Fire, tongues, and other details were strongly encouraged by me.  We used green scraps from the tail paper to cut out feet.  And, while they finished on the last working day, I put straws on the tail so that one hand works the head and the other works the tail.  The students were beyond happy with their paper dragon puppets.

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