Friday, March 11, 2011

Wild Things

So, recently, I've come across Scholastic Books on DVD at TJ Maxx.  For about $6 I get a DVD with 4 great stories, about 10 minutes each, and it even has the option to turn on the read along.  Great for subs, and also, great for introductions.  It is really important for students to hear a story well read, and although I love to read them a story and often do, this is a nice switch up once in awhile.  Anyway, I showed the kids "Where the Wild Things Are" at the beginning of art, and we talked about exaggerating.  During one lesson, I had the students draw and color a "Wild Thing", and we worked on our coloring skills.  They enjoyed the idea so much, that I had them continue it by using collage techniques to create a "Wild Thing".  I liked the results very much, and they can't wait to take them home.

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