Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mayor's Art Show

My artists sure did shine at the Mayor's Art Show, hosted by the Frist Center. 


Pat said...


I was wondering if you could give me a little background on the Mayor's Art Show? I t sounds like something I'd like to approach the mayor of our town with. Any help would be appreciated!Thanks!


Mrs. Fritz said...

Our local art center, the Frist Center for the visual arts hosts it in their hallway upstairs, and the Mayor lends his name and his time at the event. A reception is held where he walks the exhibit, takes pics with the artists, and takes a giganto group photo. Cookies/Punch, etc. All schools are encouraged to partipate, and have a set time frame to which they are assigned. Art teachers are responsible for the matting, and the labels. Frist hangs and removes them. 2 students from each grade level only. The kiddos love it! So do the parents. I believe you can go to the mayor's website (Nashville) and see the photos taken professionally.

Ms. Walsh said...

I love this! I'm passing this on to my mayor. It might take awhile to actually convince a few people to help make this happen but what an amazing advocacy event!