Friday, April 1, 2011

Patterns can be yummy

We had a random donation to our school this year. Lots and lots of candy conversation hearts.  Knowing that they aren't the type of thing to keep around all year, but not wanting to randomly sugar up the kids, I started thinking how I could tie this in AFTER Valentines day.  The kindergarten students have been learning patterns.  We've played a pattern game on the smartboard, we've drawn and colored patterns, and we will be stamping patterns.  So, those students who turned in a finished drawing with their patterns were given a box of hearts and a paper plate.  They could eat the hearts, but only after having arranged them in some sort of pattern.  They loved the treat, and I got a chance to see which students are able to apply patterns, and which students still are struggling.  I in no way advocate handing out tons of candy, and I pride myself on NOT getting the classroom teachers upset, but once in awhile, an activity like this might just help a student cement a concept in their head.  Maybe if I'd had more candy in math class....

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