Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning to Adapt

Suck it in kids- not a lotta room to maneuver.
So, today, I came into my room (my temporary room while they build the art room) and found that all of the boxes I'd crammed into the closet for storage were pulled to the middle of the room.  Seems there was a breakdown in communication between the builders as to when the shelves were to be built.  I didn't cry this time- I just sought out the janitor, begged him to help me move them to the other side of my room, and went on with my day. Only to find out that they won't be building shelves till I move out, so that I can keep my boxes in the closet....Sigh.  I am trying to decide whether or not to move the boxes back, or leave well enough alone, but I moved the rubber maid totes back into the closet, and left the other boxes lined safely along the wall.  I'd like to say that the boxes will stay put, but with my luck, they will come install counters and lockers and it will all be back in the middle of my room again.  In a couple years, after I'm safely in my new room, I'll laugh about all this, but-not yet.

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