Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Historical Portraits...kind Of

John Sevier
Andrew Jackson
I did an extensive unit on portraiture with my 4th graders.  As a fun way to wrap it up, we made torn paper historical figures from TN.  This ties in with the people they will encounter in social studies this year, as well as gives them something concrete to work towards.  It was a one day project, with no scissors or pencils of any kind allowed.  I think they turned out well, the students learned to look for important details, and it was a fun ending to a portraiture unit. Check out our Artsonia Gallery (4th grade) to see some of the drawings as well. 


robynmarr said...

So cooool!!!! That is so awesome that we could tie Social Studies and Art together so much!!!

robynmarr said...

So cool! Glad we can bring Social Studies in to Art!!!

Melissa said...

So cute! Now I just need peach construction paper, among many other things. ;)