Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Circle Weaving- a new twist

If you have ever tried circle weaving, you know that the paper plates can get wearing.  If you don't buy the good sturdy ones, the kids will have tacos for looms.  If the notches are not even, the circle will be off- center, and it seems to take some kids forever to weave a good portion of the plate.  For awhile, I thought I had solved a lot by using cocktail plates.  And then, I came across the idea to use CD's on Pinterest.  Basically, I had the students tie their yarn through the hole in the middle of the CD, and slide the knot to the center.  From there, we wound the string through the hole, around the edge, and back in again.  It doesn't really matter how many times, as long as you have an odd number (2 so far have been busted on that).  Then, you tie the string back to the tail in the middle.  Surprisingly quick and easy.  And, the middle stays centered, not to mention it being an attainable amount of weaving for any student.  I still let my kiddos break out the feathers to embellish the edges, cause who doesn't like a few feathers?  Gotta say, I think I'm a fan of weaving on CD's. (Make friends with your techies- they will donate lots of CD's to the cause)


Mrs. Forney said...

Aw man! I just started circle weaving on lunch plates. You mentioned cocktail plates - what was I thinking!? Ha,ha! I forgot how long it takes them to weave all that space!

sallgood said...

I'm so glad to see you had success with the CD weaving! I now have a tutorial on my blog- we had such a good time making them and I've been happy to see my idea used by lots of teachers! I love your added feathers too.