Monday, December 26, 2011

The end of the beginning/the beginning of the end?

Depending on your point of view, I'm either ending my time in a temporary space that I called my room this year/a year of noisy messy construction, or, I'm beginning to teach the new semester in quite frankly the best art space I've ever had.  New furniture, new cabinets, new paint transformed the old library into a nice new art room, complete with a kiln room, and lockable storage, along with sinks, yes 2- one for cleaning hands, and one with a plaster trap for dumping things.  I'm a little nostalgic to have lost my old classroom of 14 years, with it's quirks, and it's "rustic charm"? But, who are we kidding, the next years teaching in this new space will bring more projects, more messes, and more fun than we were able to host in the other space.  It's not all decorated, and I still have some "settling" to do, but here's the space.  Merry Christmas to you, and here's to more great ideas out here in blog world in the new year. ( I do not know how Santa fit a whole new art room in his bag, but I'm truly glad I was a good art teacher, and he delivered)

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