Monday, December 19, 2011

New Chair- New Room

Old Chair- kinda shabby, but well loved

Fresh coat of paint (just grabbed a can from the basement)

The start of our new Story Chair
So many changes are coming to Hermitage Elementary this year.  One of which, is the new Art room, which will welcome it's first classes in the New Year.  I'll have to post pics of the new room soon-cause it is awesome!!!  But, in the meantime, I was packing up, and preparing for the move.  Against all the "New", my "Purple Chair" ( story time chair) looked shabby.  Being on Christmas Break, and on strict instruction from the hubs NOT to go in tomorrow and work, but rather to stay home and enjoy a little holiday break, I brought the chair home.  Hey, at least it keeps my hand out of the cookie jar.  Here's the before, and the "after-so-far".  Am considering having the students help in finishing it up.

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