Monday, February 20, 2012

Keith Haring Action People

This past week was Jump Rope for Heart, and I usually try to do some sort of activity that relates- something where we look at action.  And, in my really good years, I make it down the hall to hang the pics around the PE room.  This year, I brought in the work of Keith Haring, and the 1st graders and I talked about contrast, along with action.  The students were in love with his bright colorful images, and had a lot of fun with his work.  We each drew and cut a large shape of a person in action.  After a review of contrast, students chose a color that would help their person stand out, and glued it down.  The extra fun was black glue to trace and add action lines.  After this project, we began to work on our drawing of people, and I'll post those fun pics soon. 

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