Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a Jungle in 3rd Grade

Continuing the garden type theme for the art show this year, I did   Jungles with 3rd grade.  We went to the link, we played the interactive (click on the link- NGA has some amazing interactives for art students) on the smart board, and we talked about Matisse.  Then, we began with the sky, and began to build up the jungle.  I taught how to make things "pop out" by using spacers behind, folding, or rolling, and we had an animal day as well, for which I broke out the watercolors and sharpies.  I think the results were good, however I am not sure the idea of overgrowth translated, despite my rallying cry that "no one mows the lawn in the jungle!  Ah well, they are pretty cute.  I  took the students to the computer lab and had them write a response to a couple of questions as an "artist statement" because I feel at the art show especially, that I increasingly need to show the correlation between art and the other subject areas.   Anyway- here's the sneak peek!

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