Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream

OK- I love the idea of this project.  And in an effort to boost the behavior of my 3rd graders, I held an after school art, to which I invited my best behaved to join in the shaving cream fun.  My thought was that the word would spread, and the other kiddos would shape it up in an effort to get an invitation.  It turned out ok, but not as well as I saw from other examples online.  Did I not use enough shaving cream? Did I give them too much space to draw the marble on?  Should I have limited their designs? Is this how it is supposed to look?  2 kids got perfect marbles, and the rest got mush.  I just wonder if I did something wrong, or if this is just the success ratio typical for a project like this. Or, am I just being picky? Thoughts? Also, any other messy type projects that would be a good incentive?  I'm leaning towards clay for the next time.


Rachel Motta said...

Don't forget to scrape the shaving cream off of the paper when the kiddos pull their print. Also I would limit their colors, two to three. It took me a few tries before I figured these things out too!

Mizz D. said...

Just started reading your blog! I love it.

I used this project to talk about warm and cool colors. I had one tray of of shaving cream for each this way colors didn't mix together and make brown. When you put the paper in the shaving cream I found it was best to smooth my hand over the top gently and make sure the paper makes contact with the cream. I also used a spackle knife to get off the excess shaving cream from the paper. When I thought the colors in the tray were getting to mixed I just added fresh shaving cream on top (saves a ton of time but requires more cream)

I have only done this with my camp students but if you can get you hands on a baby pool it would be fun to do some large marble projects outside! Line the inside of the pool with paper. have kids stand around the pool holding it up and drop balls that have been dipped in paint. use lots of different size balls. I would recommend a lot of practice before you start with paint and certainly go outside!

Have fun!