Friday, March 9, 2012

Youth Art Month

OK, sometimes I crack myself up.  My lesson for the kindergarten students was that we looked at "Where the Wild Things Are" and then we created our own wild things.  As I assembled them into a monster island, similar to that that in the book, I got the idea that it was Youth Art Month, and that there was an opportunity for advertisement here.  My students had no idea that I would use their wild things to create my Youth Art Month display, but I don't think they'll mind. I created the signs in the hands of the wild things, along with the backdrop for all of the Wild Things.  They were just delighted to get to dig into the wiggly eye box. 


Liz said...

They love those wiggly eyes! Great idea.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning!... What a wonderful surprise and great pleasure... no ray of Hope... to discover your site and to feel the enthusiasm of a commited teacher... and the excitement that "She" has created for her young ones!

Literature and Art in tandem make for an enriching... wonderful and exciting learning experience... for the student and the teacher!

I'll be back to spend more time at your site!

Keep up the great work!

Art Matters!... Here... and at my sites!

Goood Painting!... and Teaching!
Warmest regards,
Bruce Sherman