Friday, April 20, 2012

Art Show

Our Showcasae- filled with 4th Grade Acrylics

More 4th grade acrylics

More 4th grade Acrylics and the start of the Jungle Banners

3rd grade Jungles (I used banners to display.  Fresh paint/ less tape.

Kindergarten Waterlilies/Bridges

2nd Grade Yarn Paintings

1st Grade woven houses.
We tried something different this year- a combo Art Show/Music Show- a sort of festival of the arts.  Then, the PTO tacked on their Spaghetti Supper/Silent Auction/Bake Sale.  Was not sure how I felt about this- on the one hand, it would bring in lots of people.  On the other- I was hoping for the opportunity for the arts to shine.  Now that it's done, I gotta say, Meh.  It went well, don't get me wrong, but I missed showing off my program.  I missed having a night dedicated completely to the arts.  In some ways, it seemed as if people stumbled across the art show, on their way to the spaghetti supper. And, I spent a lot of time trying to gracefully "shoo" people from leaning on the artwork, because I'm not sure some families realized they were in the midst of an art show.  I am glad we tried it- but, I think in the future, I'll stick with an arts night. Anyway, now that I've ranted- here are some great pics of the wonderful work of my kiddos- I am very pleased with our "Garden" theme, and I did, despite my rant, have some really great conversations with parents. And, I did take the opportunity to set up a laptop outside my room, and had the browser set to our Artsonia- this was a way to show off the work from this year, and perhaps involve families that have yet to jump into Artsonia.

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