Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tapestries and Coil Pots

Always be careful with student images-in this case, the one face you see is used with permission

A promising coil pot practice
I LOVE my new art room- I have a reading corner for the "littles" with an alphabet mat- sometimes, I spell things out, but mostly, it's just our meeting spot.  I am teaching the 4th graders to weave, and we are weaving tapestries.  I typically teach them how, give them some time to do it, and those who finish are taught to remove it from the loom, and sew it into purses, bags, wallets, etc.  Basically, little pouches.  It gives us a chance to discuss decorative and functional in a very hands on way.  Now, 4th graders can get restless, so I tell them that they can sit where they want, with whomever they choose, as long as they are weaving, and reasonable quiet.  Here are a bunch on the letters, weaving away.   I am also teaching my 2nd graders to make coil pots, and since a couple of classes were a bit ahead, we took the time to practice with modeling clay first- not something I always do, but hopefully, the results will be worth the practice time.  We will make press pots, inside terra-cotta flower pots.  Since I have some very bright students, one way that I plan to differentiate is to teach lids to those who are a bit faster to catch on to the coil pot process.

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