Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Abstract Surprises

I was supposed to teach my 3rd graders about abstract art this 9 weeks.  It was supposed to involve paint.  And, I don't know- maybe it was their behavior (not very motivated, sassy a lot of the time, and  downright mean sometimes) or, the end of the year crazies- I just couldn't focus in on a project that I wanted to go the distance with.  I gave each student a piece of sturdy paper, and the cheap masking tape that doesn't stick to anything.  I instructed them to create a flower, or growth out of tape on their paper.  Then, we sponged watercolors over it, and removed the tape (after talking about resist).  Of course, when the tape was removed, the shape left behind was not exactly what they intended (positive/negative space discussion).  I gave markers out, and had them fill in the white space with designs and patterns.  I think they turned out pretty cool, and I am wondering if maybe this project has a place in my future plans-

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Pat said...

Don't you just LOVE those projects that weren't destined to be any good, turn out FABULOUS? These are so cool! I am stocking up on masking tape for next fall!