Monday, July 9, 2012

Assembly Required

If you have a Harbor Freight near you, and you need/want a cart in your art room- may I suggest you go looking this month?  They had this cart on sale at my location for $47!!!!!.  I bravely took the box of pieces and our socket wrench set, and I spend my morning tightening bolts.  I thought they were manufacturing holes as I was assembling- there were a lot.  But, at the end, I have this nifty cart to put my Elmo on for demonstrations, I have space for the examples and the materials I need. And, I have a turn in spot for flat projects, until I have a chance to store them.  It will roll away when not needed, AND, because there is a "lip" or edge all around the shelves, I do not have to worry about someone knocking off my expensive Elmo.  (Not that accidents ever happen in the art room...)
Found this easel by "Melissa and Doug".  I normally would not want to order such a thing online, but I know M&D products, and knew it would be quality.  My plan is to put this in my K/1 corner for our discussions/lessons.  I can clip prints, and also make use of the white board.  There is a chalkboard on the other side, and the ability to have a roll of paper.  That makes it really adaptable, and allows this one thing to be used for many things- always a plus.


Mrs. Forney said...

Love the cart! and the Elmo! I have an old ancient Elmo and just couldn't bring myself to using it last year. Maybe if I had a new shiny one, I would find many reasons to implement it.

Anonymous said...

The cart is so cool and I don't even need one but I love the wheels and color!