Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabric Weaving

Every year, I am supposed to teach the 2nd graders to weave with fabric strips.  2 things have made this easier- 1 is a rotary cutter, 2 is a donation of 9x12 cardboard.  Some years, I teach the kids to add beads to the end, or use pipe cleaners to wrap the ends.  Last year, I taught the kids to tie it off with dowel rods, as little wall hangings.  This year, the crop of kiddos is not much for knot tying, so I had them tape the ends to the back, and then we glued them to construction paper, making frames with gel crayons.  The kiddos love their gel crayons, and it also gave me a chance to gauge their pattern making skills.    It took a fair amount of glue on the edges, and a few students carefully sitting on their weaving to make the glue stick well.  But, in the end, totally worth it!

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Mrs. Skojec said...

Oh, I like these! Very textural! My class will love doing this! Thanks!