Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Primary/Geometric Birds

Birds are OVER, clouds are UNDER the wire.

Clouds are Organic, while birds are Geometric

The kiddos had not used the feathers, and were delighted with the chance.
I came across a lesson on Pinterest which used geometric shapes to make "birds".  It was just cute enough to try with the Kindergarten Crew.  It gave me the opportunity to review Primary/Secondary colors, as well as introduce Geometric/Organic shapes.  It involved so much opportunity for vocabulary, that it is a new favorite in my book.  I read a Bird Book to inspire us, which reviewed the concept of Near and Far.  We were able to discuss contrast, in the context of using a variety of colors- red beaks on red birds just don't show up.  And, Over/Under also came up too.  Such a fun little lesson, packed with so much good art information.  Little details like the wiggle eyes and the feathers encouraged the kiddos to stay focused and continue on even when a little tuckered out.  I am pleased with the results, and  I will be showcasing them in our upcoming Art Show. 

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Cassie Stephens said...

Totally stealing this one, love it!