Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hate it when he's right!

Our first attempt (in my defense, not quite finished yet)

After his suggestion... ok, he's right.
The music teacher and I started out teaching together, and 16 years later, we are both still at the same school.  In that time, he and I have collaborated on many a music program.  When we first started out, neither one of us knew much, and he was always happy with any props/decorations the kids and I came up with.  This year, he suggested that the 1st graders and I make some sunflowers for the upcoming program, so I broke out the paper plates, and we got to work.  I had them rip the brown into pieces, to give the centers a textured, "seedy" kind of look.  He said he'd rather just have the brown circles in the middle.  Wasn't so sure I liked his opinion, but I gotta admit, they are much cartoonier and "finished" looking with the brown circles. 

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