Monday, April 15, 2013

A Cinderella Story

This 9 weeks in the MNPS curriculum for 1st Grade Art starts off with an observational drawing. I have been attempting to incorporate some Common Core themes into my art lessons, to help the students better connect with what they are learning.  In their classroom, Cinderella is one of the stories during this time.  So, I brought in a bunch of shoes, and we tried drawing them.  Couple of problems- I'm a girl, therefore, I wear girl shoes (and boy shoes are very expensive at Goodwill compared to girl shoes).  Needless to say, the boys were none to happy with this.  And, while the drawings were ok, they weren't really what I was hoping for.  So, the next time the kids came to art, I had them draw one of their own shoes.  This, they loved.  Partly, because of the novelty of putting ones shoe on the desk, and partly, because they got to take off their shoe.  Whatever the reason, I was really much happier with the drawings.  We added the socks/legs this class session, and, in keeping with the Cinderella theme, we folded a "book".  On the inside, they wrote their name.  On the outside, they wrote (copied) "Who Fits This Shoe?" and then, with prompts, they wrote 3 clues about themselves, so that viewers can guess the shoe.  One sentence started with "I have", one with "I am" and one with "I like".  I was pleased with the results overall, and doing the leg also gave me a chance to review the concept of observational drawing, as we had to look at our legs, and find any moles, freckles, hairs, scabs, band-aids, etc, so that they could be added to the leg as another glue.
Lovin' the band-aide

This 1st grader is not only a fashion plate, but has a great eye for detail when drawing.  

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