Monday, September 2, 2013

Back!!! (And Scramblin')

Hello everyone, I have been back at work (having been on Maternity Leave) since Aug 14, and am still trying to catch up.  It's busy at the beginning of the year anyway, and I missed the first 2 weeks.  So, I keep telling the kiddos to remember that I'm still the new kid (kind of) and I need a little patience with names etc.  One of the very cool things (other than my cutie pie) that happened this summer was that I was contacted to review some art supplies.  Always fun to see what's coming, and I usually have an opinion that needs sharing anyway.  SOOO, this is post one of the review, because I am going to have my 4th graders give a review as well.  After all, they are the reason I buy so many art supplies, and they too have opinions.  And, if I can work in a little writing, even better.

As you can see from the attached picture, it was Prang/Dixon vs "that other brand".  I did appreciate that when sent my box o' supplies, they included a comparable brand- it makes for a more honest review in my opinion.
 1- Markers- I liked them all- Prang's caps are all white, which is no big deal to most, but in an elementary art room, a cap is forever being lost.  The whites allow for interchanging without confusion as to what the color actually is.  Also, this set is a set of 10, with a "Bonus 2" so more for your $$ there. Rose Art was the brand included in the box, and I find them comparable to Crayola. 
2-Colored Pencils- I will be comparing the price and seeing if Prang are doable on my budget.  Their pencils are triangular, which means less rolling/breaking.  I also liked how they applied (smooth) and a dual hole pencil sharpener is included in each box- presumably because of the fact that they are fatter than typical pencils.  I also dropped one on my art room floor, and it was much more durable than the others.  My kiddos are small, and they can be clumsy sometimes- I have come to dread the sound of colored pencils hitting the floor because it typically means they'll need sharpening.  (And, more often than not, the lead is cracked on the inside, so sharpening can last all session).
3-Watercolors- For crayons, crayola has my vote always, but when it comes to watercolors, I have not been impressed.  I find their pans to have air bubbles, and the colors to be less vivid.  Prang is my top pick for watercolors, and having tested both, continues to be. 
4-Lead Pencil- When I pulled out both types of "yellow" pencil, the kids all said the "Ticonderoga" were the best.  Next post, I guess we'll find out more about their thoughts, but for me, I do find that the "Green Bands" are good pencils, sharpen well, and last for awhile.  Also, their eraser does not disintegrate on the first rub.  Being in the art room, when pencils are donated, I take 'em, no matter what- but, when I have to buy, I do like the Ticonderoga.

Stay tuned for both the reviews from the 4th graders, as well as a Smart Fab review.

Oh- and, if you are still reading, here is a link to an "exclusive coupon" for Prang Watercolors-
Prang vs "The Other Guy"

My summer project- 2 months last Monday!

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