Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monster Mash

I see my kiddos 1 hour every three days.  That is an amazing amount of time- I am really blessed.  My deal with the kids is that we get the "have to" work done first- everything that MNPS says I'm supposed to cover in the 9 weeks.  If we have leftover time (and we usually do) we can do the craftier, more seasonal projects that the kids don't get a chance to do in their classroom anymore.  And, if I can review a few skills along the way,  the kids don't need to know about that.  I came across this on Pinterest, and had just happened to be working on facial proportion with the 3rd graders.  It was a good fit, as we were able to discuss why artists like Picasso might alter the proportion of the face.  After a quick run down of Cubism basics, we got out the construction paper, and created these cubist Frankensteins.  I told the kids that they were like the mad scientist.  This was a one day project with 3rd grade- and my goal was to get them thinking about their cutting and gluing.  They had a blast, and these are going to be a lot of fun in the hallway in October.  (Side note- I don't know about you, but I have to be very careful in how I present seasonal projects.  I did not present this as a Halloween project, rather as a Monster.  The kids brought up the idea of Halloween, but it was not something that I pushed.


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