Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love/Hate relationship

I am in a love hate relationship with 2 pt perspective- I LOVE that with a certain few rules, any student can find success- that it isn't about the talent, but the willingness to follow a set of directions.  I HATE the ongoing fussing at my students over the use/misuse of their rulers/partner-pokers.  It's a skill that we are required to teach in 4th grade as part of our MNPS standards, and, over the years, I've learned a few tricks.  First, on the opening lesson day, I hand papers and rulers, and we just make cubes-no worrying about it having to look like anything- just practicing.  I send the paper home with them that day- no grading/not a test/no pressure.  I also send them a xerox copy of one of my drawings so they have all the answers, and I send home a cartoon tutoring sheet.  When they come back, we worry about making a city.  And, I start off with them, gradually making them do more on their own.  I find that there is usually one person at every table who "gets" it quick (usually the math/science student).  And, I have learned to relax- not worry as much about perfect and approach this with a sense of humor.  Soooo- this year, I required 3 buildings, a few doors/windows, and the sidewalk and street.  After that, they could add whatever- some added signs and words, others made ghosts and aliens. 

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