Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A bump in the 3rd grade road

I couldn't get this child to understand the importance of tracing each person carefully. And, the idea of contrast and visual space elluded him. But, his drawing of his person was terrific.

Pretty Successful If they had turned out like this, there would be no complaints from me.
My Example in progress. I try to show a balance of what I can do, but not be overwhelming in my expectations of their abilities. It's a balance.

So, my plan was to base the 3rd grade project for the art show on the Kuna tradition of Molas, or layered pieces. We were going to make paper collages in this fashion, with the olympic athlete being the point of interest. Well... it flopped. The kids drew their athlete well, but due to some craftsmanship issues, did not see this through as I had hoped. You see my example, and you see theirs. So, I am in the process of revising a lesson that can be completed successfuly in 2 art classes before the art show debuts. Sometimes, the best laid plans just don't pan out.

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