Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Tricks-Kindergarten

I am finding that my kindergartners need some brushing up on their drawing skills, and so, I cooked up this one day drawing project. We began by acting out some Olympic events. We pretended to Ski, Skate, Snowboard, and play Hockey, among other things. We discussed ordering... first to last. Then, papers were folded into 4 sections. Each student drew a 4 part trick, from beginning to end. They loved the unlimited possibility of what their trick could be. I had them use crayons to color their people, and water color to paint the background. Partly to break up the hour, and give them a few shorter tasks (catering to the short attention spans of the little ones) and partly, to give a series of directions and have them follow along. This followed through on our ordering discussion.

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