Monday, November 15, 2010

2nd grade cities

Along the same lines as my previous post about the Sculptures, I decided this was the year to give up all those cereal, shoe and oatmeal boxes I'd been saving. Rather than the typical collage/2-D city lesson, this year, we really brought it to life. Each student used a box to create a storefront. Scrap paper, markers, etc. Then we used posterboard scraps, and corks to create a simple version of a 3-D vehicle. This allowed me to discuss symmetry, and depth with the students. Those who were able then made mini-self portraits, and I showed students how to cut a slit into the bottom of the person, and into a matching scrap to make the people stand, even though they were flat. We found out of the way places to build our city, and keep it for display, and my students don't realize it yet, but we will be finishing it off by making advertisements for our stores- allowing me to review some of the elements of art that students always seem to need reminding of.

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