Monday, November 15, 2010

Found Object Animals...

So, I've decided that as long as packing up my room, and moving TO MY NEW ART ROOM is really happening, it's time to clean out the back room, and use up all those boxes, button-things, cords, etc that all of us art teachers seem to stash for just the right project. It's a great year for this- who cares about the floor, the walls, etc, because it's all getting re-done with our re-model. SO- things I may not have tried, I'm tackling this year. BRING ON THE Found Object-Plaster Animalish-Sculptures. My idea was to use up all the left over water bottles from the Chihuly unit, along with letting the kids at my found objects to create an armature of an animal- I explained it as a skeleton. Then, we covered and strengthened it with Plaster strips, and will paint them over the next few days.

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