Thursday, January 6, 2011

My MInd is Reeling!

So- while all my other art teacher friends went back to school this week, I am at home, on the tail end of recovering from a herniated disc.  Knowing this was coming, I brought things home so that multi-tasking me would not go crazy sitting in the house.  I have this bucket of Animals.  My students are K-4, and like me, they love a good toy.  My initial thought was that this would make for some great drawing projects.  My kids (like me) love to get messy, but want instant results.  This makes drawing projects hard, because they have to focus for a little longer.  I was thinking that this would give them something to look at, and hold, forcing some attention to details, and the thought also occurred to me that a fantasy lesson could easily spring from this.  So- here's my questions... if you had a bucket of animals, and group of elementary students, what types of projects would you cook up? 


Meribeth said...


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

My kids used them for drawing studies, and printmaking (feet in the paint) and/or clay castings/impressions.

Or... Sand and plaster relief impressions with the animals and silk/plastic plants pressed inside would be cool to make "habitat" casts might be fun!

Hope your back is feeling better!

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pink and green mama,

Pat said...


I like the comments that your followers posted, but what I'd really like to know, is where did you buy that HUGE bucket of animals? Was it really only $10.00?

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Mrs. Fritz said...

Yep, it really was at Target!

Paula Cohen said...

I would have them create a habitat for their animal. I would have them create it out of a shoebox. But not an ordinary habitat. I would have them put them in someplace unexpected: A llama at the Eiffel Tower. A zebra watching TV in a living room. A giraffe at the doughnut shop.