Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It is Black History Month, and I thought a fitting way to bring that into the art room with my 4th graders would be a lesson on Freedom and Oppression.  After a class discussion on the difference between the two, we paired up and traced our "Profiles".  I had the students work together to trace their partners.  Then, I showed Marc Chagall's " I and the Village" and we talked about Profiles, Abstraction, and the idea of using color for expressive reasons.  I had the students take their profiles, and add images/words of things that represented freedom.  Be it the freedom to listen to whatever music, or eat whatever food, or have whatever friends.  I gave them freedom of choice as to how they would abstract/change their images.  This was a drawing lesson, and we did not spend a great deal of time on it, but I think the students enjoyed it very much, and I'm loving the results.


Molly Stewart said...

I really like these! They remind me also of Archimboldo's work as well. Great way to celebrate. If you have time, check out my blog: http://artideasthatgrow.blogspot.com/

Mrs. Fritz said...

Hey Molly- thanks for the kind words. I kinda liked this project too. I visited your blog, and am loving the Keith Haring. I have my kids build coil pots inside a flower pot. That way, they can focus on making the coils. But, mine are younger.