Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tints- by K

Believe it or not- these are my "Kinder-Babes".  Before Christmas, they were so young, it was so hard to get anything completed.  I think... knock on wood, that maturity may be setting in a bit.  Look at them, with a paint palette (ok, a paper plate) mixing their tints, and NOT mixing all colors together.  They do an art teacher proud some days.  We did a simple landscape, working on the concept of the horizon line, and different sizes showing distance.  I had them trace their pencil lines so that they could really focus on where to put paint, but also wanted to reinforce the concept of outlining, and lines for structure.  Plus, a little work on the fine motor skills never hurts at this age.  Then, they mixed tints, and used them to paint their winter scene.