Friday, December 2, 2011

Could not be prouder!

Fabric weaving is nothing new, although, last year, I learned to have the kids push the strips really tight, so it looks more like a rug.  Makes a world of difference. This year, I used the chipboard looms that are pre-notched.  Mrs. Cheapy here, did not want to only get one use out of them, so I taught the kids to weave in two dowel rods, and tie the ends around them.  I figured they'd try, and I'd have a bunch to do for homework.  They really amazed me, almost all of my 2nd graders tied off their own loom!  Makes me remember to challenge my students, and see how far they will reach.  Some years, I have the students make a pattern with the fabric, but this year, we looked at landscapes, and I suggested that they might try to pick sky/ground colors.  Some remembered, some didn't, and other did, but when we squished it up, the design did not translate the same.  But, it was a fun idea.

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