Friday, December 9, 2011

New Art Room is soooo close!

View from the door- Can't wait to art it up in here!

A Glitter Drawer- I am not telling the kiddos about my stash.

Electric sockets- near the counter.  So convenient!

Anyone out there got advice on these sinks?  The trap door in the floor is for the sink's filter?
If you follow my blog, or even just check in once in awhile, you probably know that my school is undergoing a massive renovation.  It has been very difficult to teach through this, but, I kept the best attitude that I possibly could, knowing that good things were coming- especially an art room.  Until now, I've taught in a converted classroom.  It was ok, but folks, I'm living the dream now!  I have a wall- a whole wall of storage, with 2 sinks.  One for dumping, and one for hand washing.  I will have a vented kiln room, with shelving, and more cabinets for my clay and sculpture supplies, along with big drawers and dividers for my prints.  New art tables, stools, and even a couple of wardrobe type things for my other things, such as manuals, cameras and the like.  They have locks, so I can secure my more valuable things.  If I waited for the official Metro movers to do the job, they'd do it over the holidays.  All well and good, but us art teachers are resourceful, and I'm starting my move now- the more things I move, the less I have to box, and I'll be in my room sooner this way.  So, little by little, I'm just carting things down, and filling my shelves up.  This will also free the room I'm in now for the next teacher anxiously waiting to move in. 

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