Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bird Masks

While the kindergarten students are looking at Jim Dine's Heart series, my 2nd graders' art is for the birds.  We began by looking at a selection of works by Audubon, and discussing structure in nature.  This worked well, because it just so happened that some of the 2nd graders are working on a bird research unit in the library.  After getting our bird on we moved  to bird masks.  An oldie but a goodie- I teach it most years.  This year, we put a collage twist on with the decorating.  I got out gel markers, the scrap box, feathers and sequins.  I asked them to try more than one method of embellishment, and to keep the idea of symmetry in mind.  Other than the fact that my room looks like a bird exploded, we had a great time, with some great results.  Can't wait to see the kids model them tomorrow :)

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