Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jim Dine Hearts- Kindergarten

So, this time of year, love is in the air (or at least, excitement is).  The little ones are seeing hearts pop up everywhere, beginning to talk about their valentines and I'm starting to see the shoe box valentine mailboxes walk into school.  Perfect time to review shapes, and symmetry.  The kindergarten students and I have been talking about textures.  So I taught them how to use texture plates, and we rubbed away.  Then, we cut our textured papers into hearts, and embellished them with a variety of textured materials such as paperclips, cotton balls, ribbons, foil, and beads/buttons.  After that all dried, I squirted a paint/glitter medium mixture onto their papers, and they spread, mixed and swirled with their paint brushes.  Our final step was to use black glue to "draw" the hearts back on top.  Very fun way to use a lot of textures, and bring in the always fun Jim Dine Hearts.

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