Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daily Message

i don't know what the trends are at your schools, but here in Nashville, the new trend for classroom teachers appears to be the "Morning Meeting".  This is a daily routine where the students may respond to a message on the board, play a game, or do some other activity that gets all involved, and encourages students to engage for the activities of the day.  I see 100+ kids a day, and cannot possibly have a morning meeting.  But, as I sat in on the "in-service" that it seems we specialists always do, even if it is not geared towards us, I began to think of the possibilities that surrounded a "daily message" where anyone who wanted to respond or participate could.  I have started leaving messages, like the one pictured, where I may clue students in to a new artist, a new activity, or a school event.  I keep it general enough that any student could respond, because I cannot fathom putting up a new message for each group.  Often, I ask for responses in the form of tally marks, or voting, and I am experimenting with ways that I may bring in reasoning skills, math, or language skills.  The more I think about it- the more ideas I get, and the kids are loving it.  It actually helps me that they want to do this first thing, as I am usually putting something away, or getting something out.  It's a nice way for everyone to transition in to the art room. 


Pat said...

I'm one of those people that comes flying into the school parking lot on two wheels as the 8:30 bell is ringing
in the morning! I really like your idea about putting up something new everyday for the kids to ponder while I am getting set up for the day. Just so you don't think I'm a total slacker, I'm the art teacher who doesn't LEAVE school until 6:00 every night.....I will never be a morning person!

Junie and J said...

My school is moving towards this trend, What an awesome way to use it. Thank you for sharing:)

Mrs. Fritz said...

Pat- I am one of those "lazy" teachers that leaves around 3:30. What gets left out is that I'm there at 6:30- it takes all kinds. No judgement here :)