Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Living the Dream!

When I was in college, I took a curriculum development class.  We were given an arbitrary amount as our budget, and we had to plan our curriculum and show through our pricing how we would have the materials to back up our plan.  The professor told us that we would never see a budget like that in our careers, but that we needed to know how to plan.  I also know that a lot of art teachers out there scrape and save for every thing they have. Now, don't get me wrong- I have scraped and saved for a lot, and there are things I have done without, or found a way to have donated. I have run my share of fundraisers, and written grants here and there. That said,  I would like to brag on MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools) for just a moment.  From the time I arrived at my school 16 years ago, I have had a budget.  A set dollar amount for every child.  Now, not all principals got on board, and some art teachers still struggle, but I have been fortunate that my principals have always done well by my program.  And, this summer, we got a textbook rollout.  A Big Book for the lower elementary students, and text books for 3rd and 4th.  Yep, I said AND.  These books came with an e-version, and the "ancillaries" which included music, extra image CDs, prints, illustrated vocabulary cards, artist cards and safety/classroom posters FOR EVERY GRADE.  I am simply amazed at the quality and quantity of materials at my fingertips.  And, even though we don't always feel appreciated for what we do- I am proud of MNPS for it's support of the Arts, and I look forward to cracking open all of the materials, and giving my students the best possible experience in art. Now- anyone know a good way to store prints?  I have flat drawers, but it's always so hard to find what you want that way. 


carolinapg said...

Hi, I was just surfing and found your blog, awesome by the way. I was very interested in the art textbooks you got. I live in a school district that has completely cut out art due to budget problems. As a local artist, and part of the community, I am on my second year of teaching art, fully volunteer to over 450 elementary students. I am loving every minute of it, even though it is exhausting. Art and children are the best mix in the world in my opinion. I am wondering if you are willing to write down the names and publishers/ authors of the books you got. Technically, our schools are still legally obligated to teach art and therefore have a budget, but I do a lot out of my pocket. I would love to look into it the books you were just able to get

Mrs. Fritz said...
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Mrs. Fritz said...

Our series is through Davis. It is based on "the enduring theme". We have been waiting for this series to be published. Here is a link