Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Torn Paper People Olympics

Her people are in the pool because she did not leave room for an audience.  Guess this is where direction following comes in?  Or, maybe it's a synchronised even.

I have a project that is my absolute favorite to break out.  It is the torn paper collage.  During Olympic season, I love to declare the Torn Paper People Olympics.  We really sieze the opportunity to talk about action, and detail.  I find that while the students would rely on pencils and scissors, in this instance, not allowing them forces the students to think more creatively, and we get some really fun pictures.  Due to my desire to work increasingly with the classroom teachers, I did this project with 2nd grade , and a bit earlier in the school year than I typically would because it fit in with what they are tackling in "Common Core".  The athlete performing a trick is themself, in order to work in the idea of self-portrait.  On the last day, I gave them sharpies to add any tiny details, and we used erasers to stamp the crowd.  As a writing connection, I am having my students write the commentary for their trick. This is where the classroom teachers are helping me. 

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These are wonderful, and look like great fun! Will be following you with interest! Would love you to visit me at Dream Painters...