Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Week In...

Daily Message: My answer to the "morning meeting" that is being encouraged in our district.
In order to integrate more reading/writing, I decided to get a subscription to Scholastic Art.

A lot of the magazine is a bit advanced for my babies, but who can argue with the elements of art pointed out in a work of art for study and discussion?  Look out 4th graders!

It's not too messed up, but my magnetic word wall has taken a few hits from the line standers this week.
One week into school (we went "balanced calendar" this year) and I already have a more "lived in" look to the art room.  Of course, we teachers spend all sorts of time before school starts making sure that everything is in order, looks wonderful, and is hopefully organized.  Funny, it takes the kids one rotation to bring me back to reality.   Honestly though, I can't complain.  I think the kids are loving the new art room as much as I am, and are working a little harder to police themselves at clean up time. 

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Mrs. C said...

1 week down and I bet it feels like you never left already! I have 3 weeks of vacation left and it is zipping by fast! Have a great year! :)