Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I love Artsonia- I started using it last year, and while it took some time to get a good system for uploading, I found my parents more involved and interested, and I have a working portfolio of work for each student I teach.  This week, I love Artsonia because one of my students (Autumn, from Hermitage TN) is up for the artist of the week.  She is in the Pre-K-3 category with her cut out still life.  Here is my shameless plug asking you to go vote, as long as you are online anyway!

Visit Artsonia if you have a moment, and you'll see the artist of the week contest on the right.  Click the green button, and get to voting.  What I really love is that Artsonia is striving to inspire lots of artists for their efforts, not just the most talented. 

The link to my Artsonia gallery is on my blog.  Feel free to visit and check out what we are up to in the art room.

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