Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thanks Dr Ed!

Every year, my awesome Chiropractor does an art supply drive and Mr. E and I get to split the loot!  It ranges from construction paper and paint sets to markers and crayons.  Sometimes, cash or a gift card is tossed in- it's a great start to the year, and really helps me stretch my budget to include more art supplies. 

If you in the Nashville Area, and you need a Chiropractor- Dr. Ed Thomas at Total Body Healthcare gets my vote!

Mr. E and I usually try to out-do each other with our thank you note (glitter is usually involved)- but this year, because Dr. Ed opened a new office, and it's very nicely decorated, I tried to be classy- I used our school's new poster maker to create this "mini-banner" which I had some of my students today sign.

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