Monday, September 10, 2012

Water Bottle Babies...painted

Not sure if it's supposed to look like an old man- but that's what I'm getting!

Cannot wait to see her finish up the clothing- the eyes crack me up
A couple of posts ago, the 3rd graders and I wrapped water bottles with plaster strips- these are serving as our people shapes.  Today, I broke out the acrylics and we began the painting and decorating process.  My only directives other than basic paint procedures (and threatening the daylights out of the kiddos, cause it's ACRYLIC) were that they needed to consider the entire sculpture, not just the front, it was to look like a person when finished, and I didn't want to see plaster peeking through- there are some questionable ones in progress, but here are a couple of cuties!

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Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Great fun! I love discovering (and rediscovering) different 3D/sculpture ideas... thanks for sharing!