Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Folded Paint Drop "Iris"- our State Cultivated Flower

Gelatin Printed Bat Monoprints- not a state symbol, but a great connection as they learned about caves.

Gelatin printed Bats with Cut Out shapes-wherever a paper bat was laid, the ink was masked.  Cool discussion on Positive/Negative Space.

Stamped Ladybugs- Our state insect

Students spread green paint around their paper, and used palette knives to scrape designs into the "grass"

Foam shapes, cardboard tubes, solo cups, pencil times were used in the stamping. 
I had been referring to out fall break enrichment classes as Intercession, until it was pointed out that spelling it in that way meant to have people pray for you.  Intersession- all S's means in-between session classes.  That's what I was teaching, although, prayers are always welcome.  I joined with 3 other teachers, and we did a "Travel TN" series.  Students learned about East, Middle and West TN, created a brochure about their findings, and with me, they explored some state symbols.  We had a great time- and I hope I gave the kiddos some opportunities that they would not otherwise get.

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Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Love the irises! A great unit exploring your state symbols :) And how lucky to have irises and ladybirds to work with :)