Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post It Writing Activity

The colors have no meaning- just gave a different color to each table section.
 It's quick, painless, and there is no wrong answer.  I put up 3 landscapes for the 4th graders to look at.  They differed in land form, time of day, and overall style.  We discussed how a color scheme can affect the feel of a work of art.  I gave each student 3 post it notes, and had them write one word for each picture.  We then stuck them up over the pictures.  The students were interested in who else wrote the same word as they did ( I banned "good", "pretty" and "nice"), as well as the variety of descriptive words for each painting.  It very quickly gave me a chance to fit a little writing in, and let everyone be involved in the critique. 


coralvssalmon said...

I like this approach to getting the kids to react to and describe works of art. It is not only fun, and not intimadating. Definitely got my wheels spinning as to how I can use this with my kiddos.

Mrs. C said...

Great quick critique idea! Like the last commenter you got me thinking about how I can use this with my classes! Thanks! :)

Mrs. Impey said...

Oooh...common core! Great idea!

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Mrs. Fritz said...

I am working with my teachers to try to include some common core into my lessons- it involves some re-arranging of lessons, but I'm not really having to re-invent the wheel yet.