Thursday, November 29, 2012

Circle Weaving

I did not force color pattern, but encouraged it.

Am lobbying to have this student held permanently in 3rd grade- I don't want to ever let her go.

He left the bottom un-feathered on purpose- said it looked like an Indian Headdress.
Last year I discovered the idea of using old CDs as looms for circle weaving.  Pure Genius.  No more bendy plates that rip 1/2 way through when the kids pull too tight, or bunch up like tacos.  And, it's such a manageable size.  Enough to show me they have the skill without spending an entire 9 weeks.  I allow my 3rd graders to trim the edges with feathers.  I found that you just slide the tips between the CD and the Weaving, and put a drop of glue on top.  And, to cover up those unsightly glue blobs, we used sequins.  Who doesn't like a little "pop" when they weave?  Certainly not my kiddos.  Cannot wait to get these all in the display case.  I encouraged my kids to try tying their own knots, although this is a continuing struggle.  I also allowed tapestry needles, as long as they could thread their own needles.  The needles really speed things up and help those like me with short fat fingers.  Paperclips would do the same thing, but mine are pretty good about returning them, and not leaving them out where the Kinderbabies will encounter them.


Doug Lloyd said...

Could you give a bit more detail about how you use the CD's for the loom:) How you set it up and all. Like the idea as I'm doing the circle weaving right now with a bent coat hanger, which has some issues of it's own. Thanks.-Doug

Mrs. Fritz said...

Doug- left directions. Hope they help.