Thursday, January 10, 2013

Angry Pinch Pots

Such Personality

Those finished, with spare time and clay made some little piggies.  Cannot WAIT to display this.
OK- maybe a little commercial, but sometimes, we gotta use what the kids are interested in, and I confess that even I like a good game of Angry Birds to unwind at the end of a long day.  After talking about facial expression, and how the look on your face conveys a feeling, we began our anual pinch pot project in 1st grade.  We are required to teach pinch pots, but how we approach it is our choice.  Last year, I made cupcakes.  This year, I taught the students how to turn their pinch pot into an Angry Bird (Thank you Pinterest).  (I did not force this- if I had students who did not want to use Angry Birds as their theme, they could make any bird, and they are learning about birds in their classroom).  Often, young artists work better when given a concrete goal, and I am pretty happy with our results so far. 

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