Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back at it Tomorrow!

Got my word "wall" all straightened back out

I section off my whiteboard to make room for Grade Level "Objectives" and vocabulary.

Gonna try to work with the Kindergarten Students on American Symbols-it pairs with the classroom objectives- I'll let you know how this shakes out.  I'm excited about the possibility, but realistic about how Kindergarten can go.
Tomorrow, I go back to school after a restful Winter Break.  This year, our school system did our calendar a little differently.  In years past, teachers went back a day before the students, and had a teacher work day.  This year, we got our work day the day after the kids left for Winter Break.  On the surface, not such a big deal, we still got our day, but it was a change in thinking.  I had a hard time stepping out of the current semester, and trying to prepare for the new one while I was still cleaning up my room after the previous.  I managed to get cleaned up, and as the day progressed, I got organized, and tried to prepare.  It was nice to get organized again, and I'm looking forward to another great semester.  We'll be preparing for the Spring Art Show, and I'll be up to my eyeballs in creating the yearbook,  so it'll be busy.

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