Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Since Mr. E posted his Clay Facade project in progress, I figured I'd post my results.  I give the kiddos a pre-sized paper, usually about 6x9.  They draw a house (using lots of my pictures from my files to avoid the typical square house/triangle roof).  Then, I have them cut out their picture and use it as a stencil, placing it directly on top of their slab and cutting around it.  They often make changes as they build from clay, but it gives a good starting point.  And, it holds them slightly accountable to the design they chose.  On a side note- I keep the "stencils" until all classes have created their facades in case someone in another class was sick on the day we drew houses- this allows them to catch up quickly, and I find that they still make changes, and personalize the house to their taste.
I cannot say enough about Mayco "Stroke N Coate" glazes.  It has the clearcoat in it, the colors are bright, and a little goes a long way.  I only glaze a choice few projects with 2-4th grades.

I pulled examples of colonial homes, since the students were/are discussing Paul Revere in Social Studies. Some caught on, others, well, not so much.  Either way, good texture on the roof, and nice even glazing.

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